Master of Science in Economics

Today’s and tomorrow’s economics face increasingly complex and globally competitive environments. The University of Hamburg’s “Master of Science in Economics” (M.Sc.) programme responds effectively to these challenges. The programme, completely taught in English language, provides a sound training in best practice methods of mainstream economics, combined with the opportunities of studying optional areas in depth and of gradual transition to research. It is designed for students who have embarked on or intend to embark upon careers in research agencies, consultancy firms, economic advisory services of governments, banks or international agencies or in higher education and research. The programme attaches great importance to quantitative skills.

Upon successful completion of the M.Sc. programme, students with a strong academic record can continue their education by writing a doctoral dissertation under the supervision of a faculty member. Research interests originating from the Master thesis may but need not to be the point of departure for the Ph.D. thesis.


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